7m height construction for the summer festival in “Museon” park
Photozone for Barvikha luxury village
Art objects “Dogs” for “RIO” Mall
Wedding decorations for “Metropol” hotel
3D letters for Lomonosov high school
Decoration of window display for Shopping Centre “Take away”

Production of decorations of any complexity
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  • Local production, 2100 m2
  • We do not violate declared deadline
  • Discounts up to 25% for regular customers
  • Minimum order – 150 euro

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    Years of great service.

    Decorations of any size and complexity

    Our own manufacturing and reliable team realize the largest projects.

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    Artists, sculptors and 3D designers.

    Step-by-step photo report.

    You get detailed photo-report about work condition after every stage of process.

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    our own machines for cutting, printing, welding, milling and engraving.

    100% terms guarantee.

    We understand that you need decorations to be delivered to the event in time and we are ready to work 24/7 to guarantee the stated deadline.

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Our company produces decorations and advertising materials for more than 7 years. We are stable developing company and we always have free vacancies because of the business expansion.

'We look for people who share our values and interests, who are ready to contribute to what we do and who strive for personal development.

  • Property master

    1. Schedule 5/2 from 9 am till 6 pm.
    2. Space to realize your ideas and ambitions.
    3. Participation in unique projects.
    4. Creative and continuously developing team.
    5. An opportunity to develop your skills and competences.
    6. Friendly environment.
    7. Registration in accordance with Russian employment law.
    8. Workplace address: 2a, Turaevskaya street, Lytkarino, Moscow region.

    1. Stage-properties creation
    2. Creation of forms from styrofoam after the machines
    3. Artistic treatment of forms
    4. Decoration, painting
    5. Sculpture
    6. The design of forms, decorations and characters

    1. To be a team-player
    2. To be competent in materials and technologies
    3. To be experienced in work with styrofoam
    4. To be experienced in work with epoxy
    5. To be multitasking
    6. To have a portfolio
    7. To have a secondary or high education in art

  • Handyman

    1. Schedule 5/2 from 9 am till 6 pm
    2. Recruitment according to the labor code
    3. Possibility of carrier development
    4. Friendly staff of professionals as well as fair and loyal administration
    5. Place of work: Lytkarino

    1. Products polishing;
    2. Products spackle;
    3. Products painting;
    4. Help in the production process when manufacturing and assembly of different types of marketing products
    5. Loading, unloading and packing

    1. Experience in working with styrofoam and wood will be a benefit;
    2. Neatness, responsibility and compliance

Contact information:

  • Address: Russia, Moscow, 70, Privolnaya street, Zhulebino business center
  • Phone number: +7 (499) 553-07-72
  • Address: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Yuri Gagarin Prospect, 34к3б
  • Phone number: +7 (812) 648-28-87
  • Production: Lytkarino, 2a, Tyraevskaya street,
  • Working hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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